American Universities Abroad

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Across Europe, there are a number of American-style universities offering broad-based degrees, accredited in the USA, and taught in English.

These universities enable students to get the broad-based American model of education – including majors, minors and electives – without having to travel to the USA.

Some of these universities are standalone institutions, others are branch campuses of US universities. Both offer great options for students who desire a US-style education without travelling too far away.

A Case Study: John Cabot University

Based in Rome, John Cabot University offers a degree which is accredited by the US Middle States Commission on Higher Education, meaning your degree is equal in status to that of a university in the USA.

Founded in 1972, the university serves as a great base for students wishing to explore Italy as well as using Rome as their classroom.

With a broad-based US educational model, students can enter undeclared or to a particular course of study, with the ability to be flexible about their pathways through the degree.