Recruit UK-based students to your institution


Boarding and international schools across the British Isles are home to thousands of international students from around the world

With a number of dynamics in play, this space is ripe for international universities looking to diversify their student populations.

With The University Guys team being made up of former school counsellors and former university admissions representatives who now support students and counsellors at schools across the UK, our entire team is very much embedded in the space.

The University Guys run several recruitment tours throughout the year, facilitating options and connections for what both the schools, students and international universities are looking to learn more about.


International universities roadshows to schools across the British Isles

Several times a year, The University Guys take international universities on tour to visit international and boarding schools. Previous tours have included:

  • London and commuter regions
  • Channel Islands
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Great Western
  • Heart of England
  • Southern England
  • Wales and the Borders

The roadshows tend to take place over a week, arriving on a Sunday, which follows five days of visits including an itinerary of three visits, a breakfast briefing on the UK context and a knowledge sharing dinner.

What is included?

  • Accommodation
  • Internal transport
  • Meals

-All are included in the registration fee.

University Testimonials

The University Guys have helped students get offers from over 100 universities worldwide:

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