Ask us about universities in the USA, Canada, Europe or Asia


Finding the “best fit” universities

There are thousands of universities. How will I ever find the right one for me?
With such a large number of universities to choose between and huge variation between even the most highly selective institutions, working out what type of university experience a student aspires to is crucial to the success of future applications. David works closely with the student and family to examine a range of criteria in order to prepare a shortlist of ‘best fit’ universities.
How do you know so much about universities?
As members of the International Association for College Admission Counseling, the Council of International Schools and the Council of British International Schools, we have long experience of developing communication channels with universities and we have excellent personal relations with admissions teams in the US, Canada, UK, Asia and Europe. We advise on the best ways of communicating with universities, advocate on behalf of the Student where appropriate, and advise on how best to connect with institutions.
How are Canadian university applications different?
Canadian applications present a strong alternative to US applications, with a more streamlined system that can be managed well with careful preparation and consideration. Canadian university programmes operate in a method distinct to those in the UK and the US, and understanding how subject prerequisites, typical requirements and specialist programs interact is key to ensuring a stress-free application process. With detailed knowledge of the application systems for either direct applications (McGill, UBC and others), Ontario applications (to both universities and colleges) and post-application protocol, David can support students through all stages of making applications to Canadian universities.
Should I apply to universities in Europe?
Students are increasingly also looking at English-language degrees across continental Europe, with the Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Ireland growing in popularity each year, each with different application requirements. We have experience and connections across the European university community, from the private universities that make up the European Universities Consortium to public options in the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy, and many more. With detailed understanding of the differences between the style of education, selection and assessment across the main European destinations, we can guide you through all aspects of the process.

Making yourself stand out in applications, essays and interviews

Can you get me into any university I want?
Though we cannot and will not guarantee acceptance to any university, we will provide you with open, honest and impartial advice on the options available to you.
Do you arrange university campus visits?
We will assist with organising visits to as many universities as required, including introductions to admissions teams and creation of overall schedules of visits.
How do you help me with application procedures?
We will guide the student, the family and, if necessary, the student’s school, through the entire process of applying to universities. We will oversee and manage the application process to all selected universities. This includes guidance and review of the student’s application and application essays, coordination with schools for document submission, and oversight of the overall timeline and ongoing strategy.
How long does it take to apply and get accepted?
If the preparation is done correctly, the process of applications should run smoothly. The most time-intensive aspect will be the essays, which we can support students with through regular sessions and detailed feedback on each draft. In addition, we will give guidance on completion of the Common Application and other application portals, as well as contacting a student’s school with references and supporting documents if necessary.
Do you also help students with UK university applications?
Having worked at schools in both the UK and Europe, we have considerable expertise in all aspects of these applications. With a heavily grades-based system, UK university processes can sometimes be confusing for international applicants, and we can demystify this process for you. From creating a college shortlist though a wise use of data and rankings, through to preparation of a strong personal statement and on to the completion of the UCAS application, we support students (and schools) through all aspects of the process.

Entrance exams

How do you help with entrance exams?
We will advise and create the strategy for all testing requirements: SAT / ACT for the USA, subject-specific tests for the UK, and all other testing requirements. We do not provide test or tutoring tuition and the cost of these programmes is not included, though we maintain strong relationships with a variety of providers.