Four UK Universities you should know about

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Students from outside the UK who are applying to the UK tend to focus on a narrow range of universities. London is popular, as are the Russell Group and others that lie in the top-tier of the world rankings.

However, there are many other excellent UK universities with specialisms in particular fields that might prove to be a better pathway. Yesterday I was exhibiting at a school’s careers fair, and across the aisle from me was one such institution, which prompted me to write this article. So, here are four UK universities which should be better known.

Plumpton College

Located in East Sussex, south of London, Plumpton has always been one of my favourite UK institutions. Founded in 1926, they now offer a range of courses in land-based industries, and recently entered into a partnership with the Royal Agricultural University.

My favourite pathways at Plumpton are the courses in wine making. As the UK’s centre of excellence in this industry, they have some unrivalled opportunities for students to study courses in this area:

The University College of Estate Management

Based in Reading to the west of London (soon to be connected by the new Elizabeth Line into the heart of London), UCEM specialise in degrees linked to the Built Environment. Students at UCEM study courses in surveying, real-estate management and construction management and also can gain considerable real-world experience. The college has amazing links to industry and a wide range of ways to learn.


UKSA is the UK Sailing Academy, offering degrees linked to the maritime industry, specifically sailing. The courses that have always excited me are those linked to the super-yacht world, training students for this exciting but niche industry.

They offer a cadetship in various aspects of this industry with some amazing opportunities for onward progression.

Norland College

In the UK the ‘Norland Nanny’ is a well-known British institution: think Mary Poppins without the magic and dressed all in brown. Norland Nannies are the elite, and for a number of years Norland College in Bath has offered their world-class training alongside a degree in Early Years Development and Learning. For anyone wanting a career with young children, this course is worth exploring.

There are many more hidden gems out there. Please contact me if you’d like to know more about these or other wonderful UK institutions.