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This article was provided by Nikki Harlow of Anderson Education:

For those parents with little experience of UK boarding schools, choosing one can be a daunting prospect; most rely on friends and family for help and advice. Each child is different and each school is different. With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential.

The environment of a UK Boarding School is motivating, nurturing, caring and aims to give each child the opportunities to develop their personal talents to the full and achieve their academic potential.  The wide range of activities and experiences give boarders the opportunity to develop life skills and interests beyond the academic curriculum.

Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university; living as part of a community you make friends for life, whatever part of the world they come from.  Every parent wants to provide the best education possible for their children, so that they achieve their potential academically, gain independence and confidence and above all are happy!  A British boarding education provides all of this plus lots of opportunities in sport, music, art and drama to develop well rounded young adults prepared for the next step in life.

The quality of a British education is recognised and respected worldwide.  Producing many of today’s leaders whether it is in politics, finance, sport or performing arts; more than two thirds of Britain’s Oscar winning actors and 61% of Rugby Premiership players went to independent schools.

The quality of teaching in small class sizes produces top grades; the academically able are stretched and challenged; support is given to those that need it.   92% of pupils in independent schools in the UK progress to higher education, including 56% to Russell Group universities.

By choosing a boarding school education for your child you are adding value by providing the opportunity to gain independence, confidence, courtesy, courage, kindness and compassion from living in a diverse and truly international environment.  Life in a boarding school is excellent preparation for university and employment as it provides many of the non-academic skills that employers are looking for.

 Choosing a boarding school is difficult enough when you live in the UK. When you live overseas, it makes selecting and visiting schools a huge task.  We have been working with local and expat families worldwide for the past 25 years; we have visited over 350 UK boarding schools and are able to recommend schools for your consideration and help you through the process.

How we help you:

  • We will talk to you about your child, their academic ability, strengths, interests and any learning support or language needs they may have.

  • We recommend schools to meet the individual needs of the child and family and arrange for schools to forward information to you

  • We email to you a list of schools that we are recommending and are available to answer any of your questions

  • We encourage you to short list 3 – 4 schools; if you let us know the dates that you can visit the UK we will arrange your school visit itinerary. 

  • We can arrange for entrance tests to be sent to your child’s current school. 

  • We help you every step of the way until you have accepted an offer at the boarding school of your choice. 


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