How to succeed in Kira video interviews


More and more, we are seeing the Kira online video interview used in admissions for institutions like IE University, Western Ivey HBO, and the University of Toronto Engineering. As a candidate, navigating this interview format requires a strategic approach that goes beyond traditional face-to-face interactions. Here are three tips to help you ace your KIRA interview.

1. Timings: One of the critical aspects of the Kira interview is understanding and managing your speaking time effectively. Begin by practising recording yourself to see how much information you can articulate within 30, 60, and 90 seconds. This exercise not only helps you become familiar with your pacing but also ensures that you deliver concise and well-structured responses. Knowing the optimal duration for your answers allows you to convey your thoughts clearly without risking information overload or running short of time.

2. Structure Your Answers: Given the time constraints, it’s crucial to develop a structured approach to your responses. If you have 60 seconds, for instance, consider starting your answer with a statement like, “There are two points I wish to make on this topic.” This not only signals to the person watching the interview later that you have a well-thought-out response but also provides a natural way to divide your answer into two distinct parts. Structuring your response in this manner ensures that you cover all relevant points without feeling rushed or incomplete.

3. Show, Don’t Tell: In a Kira interview, the adage “show, don’t tell” holds immense value. Use concrete examples to ground the points you’re making. Employ phrases such as “in particular” or “for example” to provide tangible instances that illustrate your ideas. This not only adds depth to your responses but also showcases your ability to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations. Whether discussing your academic achievements or personal experiences, using examples helps your responses resonate with the interviewer and reinforces the authenticity of your answers.