Podcast Episode 49, Study in Germany

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In October 2021, the German government updated the rules on the requirements for A Level students wishing to study in Germany, here is the update information.

  • only 3 A Levels will now be necessary
  • The minimum pass grade is now C, up from E
  • An A Level in a Maths or science subject is no longer necessary, courses in the area of humanities, law or art can be accessed with three A Levels in language/humanities/art subjects.
  • Computer Science and ICT are recognised as science subjects
  • Many subjects that weren’t recognised can now be selected as a third subject, these include for example Drama, History of Art, Physical Education, Psychology, Religious Studies, Politics. These are on a separate list (List B) and can only be taken in addition to two traditional subjects from List A.
  • Similarly, a number of vocational subjects are accepted as a third subject (List C) if two traditional subjects are selected from List A. These include for example Business Studies, Design Technology, Electronics, Film Studies, Law, Music Technology, Travel and Tourism. However, this means that students can then only choose university courses in the subject area of this third, vocational subject.
Here are the links (in German):