Study the classics in Italy, Greece and beyond

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Studying Classics in the modern is a rewarding and intellectually stimulating pursuit. If you’re considering a bachelor’s degree in Classics, this article explains why choosing to do so in Europe is a path worth exploring.

Why Consider a Bachelor’s Degree in Classics?

  1. Cultural Heritage Exploration: Classics, encompassing the study of ancient Greece and Rome, provides a deep understanding of Western civilization’s foundations. It offers insights into the development of languages, literature, philosophy, art, and political systems, shedding light on the origins of contemporary societies.
  2. Transferable Skills: A degree in Classics hones critical thinking, analytical, and research skills. The ability to interpret complex texts and historical contexts is applicable to various career paths, from law to journalism and beyond.
  3. Language Proficiency: Studying Classics often involves learning ancient languages like Latin and ancient Greek, which can enhance your linguistic abilities and contribute to a well-rounded education.
  4. Global Perspective: The impact of Greek and Roman cultures extends far beyond the Mediterranean, making the study of Classics a gateway to understanding the interconnectedness of world history and the influences that have shaped our diverse global society.

Options to consider

If you’re intrigued by the idea of pursuing a Classics degree taught in English, here are brief summaries of five European universities offering such programmes:

  1. La Sapienza, Rome, Italy: La Sapienza University in Rome offers a Bachelor’s degree in Classics, with select courses taught in English. Immerse yourself in the city that was once the heart of the Roman Empire, and explore ancient texts, art, and history. This program provides a unique opportunity to study Classics in the very heart of its origins.
  2. John Cabot University, Rome, Italy: John Cabot University, located in the historic centre of Rome, offers a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies. This degree focuses on the languages, literature, and history of the ancient world. Its central location allows students to engage with the rich cultural heritage of the city.
  3. American University of Rome, Italy: The American University of Rome offers a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Studies, providing an in-depth exploration of ancient civilizations and their enduring influence. The program is taught in English and is set in one of the most historically significant cities in the world.
  4. University of Malta: The University of Malta offers a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology and Classics, with several courses available in English. Malta’s rich archaeological heritage and strategic location in the Mediterranean make it an ideal place to study these ancient civilizations.
  5. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Greece: The National and Kapodistrian University of Athens provides a Bachelor’s degree in Classics. While the primary language of instruction is Greek, there are opportunities for English-speaking students to take courses in English. This program offers a unique perspective on the ancient world from the heart of Athens.

A bachelor’s degree in Classics from a European university is an opportunity to delve into the origins of human thought, culture, and society. Pursuing this degree in a country with a rich classical heritage can provide a truly immersive experience. Whether you choose to study in Rome, Athens, or elsewhere, the exploration of ancient worlds through the lens of modern academia can be an intellectually rewarding and life-enriching journey.