Studying Hospitality Management in Europe

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When it comes to pursuing a career in hospitality, there are several factors to consider, and choosing the right institution is crucial. In recent years, English-medium universities in the European Union have gained popularity among international students looking to study hospitality. But why should you consider this option? Here are several compelling reasons:

  1. Global Perspective: Hospitality is a global industry, and English is the lingua franca of the business world. By studying hospitality in English but in Europe, you will be better equipped to communicate and work with people from various countries. This global perspective is invaluable, as you’ll likely encounter an international clientele in your future career.
  2. Diverse Student Body: English-medium universities in the European Union often attract a diverse student body. This multicultural environment enriches your learning experience, allowing you to understand and appreciate different cultures, customs, and perspectives. It’s a valuable asset in the hospitality industry, where cultural sensitivity is essential.
  3. World-Class Education: Many of these universities offer world-class education with renowned faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. You can be confident that the knowledge and skills you acquire will be on par with the best hospitality programs globally.
  4. Networking Opportunities: The European Union is a hub for hospitality and tourism, and studying there provides excellent networking opportunities. You can connect with industry professionals, attend international conferences, and secure internships in prestigious establishments.
  5. Cultural Experience: Living and studying in the European Union is an adventure in itself. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in rich cultural experiences and travel within the Schengen Area, exploring various countries and cuisines.

Now that you’re convinced of the advantages of studying hospitality in English in the EU, let’s look at five institutions that offer such programmes:

1. EHL (Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne) EHL is one of the most prestigious hospitality schools globally, offering a range of English-taught programmes. Located in Switzerland, EHL provides a unique blend of academic excellence and hands-on experience. Students can choose from various courses, from Bachelor’s to Master’s degrees, catering to their specific interests and career goals. Visit EHL’s website

2. Glion Institute of Higher Education Situated in the picturesque Swiss Alps, Glion is another top choice for hospitality education. Offering Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in hospitality management, event management, and more, Glion prepares students for leadership roles in the industry. The breathtaking setting and world-class faculty enhance the learning experience. Visit Glion’s website

3. Les Roches Les Roches is a global network of hospitality schools with campuses in various stunning locations, including Switzerland and Spain. Their English-taught programs are known for their focus on entrepreneurship and innovation, equipping students with the skills needed to thrive in the ever-evolving hospitality sector. Visit Les Roches’ website

4. Hotel School the Hague Netherlands-based Hotel School the Hague is renowned for its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs in hospitality management. Students benefit from an industry-focused curriculum, internships, and a strong alumni network. The program is designed to prepare graduates for leadership roles in international hospitality. Visit Hotel School the Hague’s website

5. Shannon College of Hotel Management Located in Ireland, Shannon College of Hotel Management offers a unique programme that combines a Bachelor’s degree with a paid internship. This hands-on approach allows students to gain practical experience while studying hospitality management. The college’s strong industry connections provide students ample opportunities to secure internships and jobs. Visit Shannon College’s website

Studying hospitality at these and other universities is a significant step towards a successful career in this thriving industry. Their combination of academic excellence, global perspective, and cultural experiences makes them enticing options for any aspiring hospitality professional. So, if you’re passionate about hospitality, consider these institutions to pave the way for a bright and dynamic career in the field.