Writing a Letter of Continued Interest for US Applications

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So, you applied early and were deferred (or applied regular and were waitlisted) – what do you do now?

The important thing to remember is that you weren’t accepted, you also weren’t rejected, so there’s still a chance you can get in. To make the most of this chance, you need to write a letter of continued interest.

Here are some key points:

1.        Not every university will want to receive this letter – so please check with the university that has deferred or waitlisted you to see if additional materials are allowed to be sent;

2.       Some universities will allow you to email them directly (you may already be in contact with an admissions counsellor) while others will prefer you upload things to an application portal. Again, follow the instructions.

3.       Restate your commitment to attending the university if offered a spot (assuming this is still the case), but don’t make any false promises.

4.      Show again your level of interest in the college, but don’t repeat what you’ve already written in essays. Do some more research and provide new information about how you match this college.

5.       Provide any new (positive) information: impressive pieces of work, good performance in mock exams, progress with EPQ or Extended Essay, achievements in extra-curricular activities – anything that wasn’t on your original application which strengthens your profile.

6.      Aim to have a letter / email of no more than one page of A4 – anything too long will have the opposite effect than you are aiming for.

7.       Ensure you include the details so that the university can connect your email or letter to your application: Common App ID, Date of Birth and university ID (if you have one).